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Yacht Computer IT Tips for the Holiday Cruising Season

Posted by Andy Levy on Dec 1, 2014 5:00:00 AM

It's almost holiday time and yacht owners, charter customers and crew are primed to enjoy the upcoming cruising season to the fullest. They anticipate the joys of beautiful scenery, water sports, and great food--and they want to share their experiences with friends and family on board and at home.


That means everyone on board needs to stay connected via their electronic devices, including computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. And it’s up to captains, crew, tech support teams, and management companies to do whatever they can to keep yacht Internet connections working well.


You can read our past articles about vessel Internet issues in our Yacht Technology Blog


And now, we've developed a presentation with tips to prepare your yacht computers and yacht Internet b efore embarking on your first holiday cruise. Just remember that this list should be rechecked as you change location throughout the holiday cruising season, as some items are related to geographic location.  Click on the graphic below to view the presentation.
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Yacht WiFi Refit: A Big Bang for Small Bucks

Posted by Andy Levy on Apr 10, 2014 8:43:00 AM

I picked up the phone on the second ring. It was "R," owner of a 52 meter yacht and a long-time Great Circle Systems customer. He sounded anxious.


"Andy, I need your help keeping my family together," R said. "My wife and I want to take the family cruising, but the kids don't want to go because they say their Internet connections on board are slow and spotty.


Plus, my granddaughter needs to write a term paper during our cruise and can't do it without constant access to Google. Can you help me get better WiFi on board so we can have a family vacation and keep everyone happy?"


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JD_Crawford_head_shotDarren and the GCS team have been instrumental in the development and deployment of several carrier grade IT networks for large scale, Savant-based super-yacht projects where the technology infrastructure needed to be extremely reliable. 


The capabilities of the GCS team have proven instrumental in helping us deliver a world class technology experience to some of the most prestigious yachts in the world.


J.D. Crawford of Savant Systems


I have been working with Great Circle Systems since 2006 when they did the installation of all our networking and Internet communications equipment on our boat being built in Germany.


The equipment they recommended and installed was exactly as we required.  We have had extremely good results with all of their equipment and it has performed as they had advised.


I would highly recommend them to all fellow captains.


Captain Keith T. Moore of M/Y Lady Sheridan

CE_W_Michael_Hummel_of_MY_TVTriton Administrator has proven to be the perfect tool for us on M/Y TV, which is a 78 meter Luerssen yacht.


Triton has comprehensive essential features plus any additional features one can possibly need. It is still easy to use and has a swift support team to implement customer-specific wishes, such as individual day logs, etc.


W. Michael Hummel, Chief Engineer of M/Y TV


Captain Bruno Herregods talks about Great Circle Systems tech support. 

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